• Q1
    Explain the copyright status of uploaded tone data.
  • A1
    Although the tone data is your creation. Its upload and use is governed by the our "Terms of use" agreement. By uploading you consent to its use, modification, and redistribution by others.
  • Q2
    Can I use the downloaded tone data at a concert?
  • A2
    Yes tone data uploaded to this community may be used, modified, and redistributed.
  • Q3
    Can I modify the downloaded tone data?
  • A3
    Yes, tone data uploaded to this community may be modified, used, and redistributed.
  • Q4
    Is the community page English only?
  • A4
    Yes, this community page is available in English so that you can communicate with the largest group of users.
  • Q5
    Do I need to register to post or comment?
  • A5
    Registration is not required.
  • Q6
    Can I delete posts and comments?
  • A6
    You can. For how to delete, please see "How to use".
  • Q7
    My post has disappeared.
  • A7
    The site administrator may delete posts and comments deemed inappropriate.
  • Q8
    Can I change the contents of posting and comments?
  • A8
    You cannot edit posts; please delete and post again.
  • Q9
    There are comments that seem inappropriate.
  • A9
    The site administrator will have final judgement on the removal of posts and/or comments.
  • Q10
    What is the upper limit of image size?
  • A10
    Maximum size is 100 MB.
  • Q11
    Tone data can not be downloaded even if I press download button.
  • A11
    Right click on the download button and select Save file.