An electronic instrument with this degree of expression and subtly has never before existed—the aFrame feels like an acoustic instrument

The aFrame enables performers to organically express their musicality just as if they were playing an acoustic instrument—the player controls the subtlety of the performance. ATV’s proprietary “Adaptive Timbre Technology”* responds to the acoustic percussion playing techniques of striking, pressing, and friction. With nuance, the player can produce sounds that have tonal variation and effect controls not possible with existing digital percussion.
For a natural feel, the playing surface of the aFrame is made of a hi-tech material with excellent bounce and friction characteristics, yet it has the familiar feel of headed acoustic percussion. When playing the aFrame, its organic feel is instantly recognizable. The natural bamboo frame comes from a renewable resource and has properties that technically contribute to the playability of the aFrame. The bamboo frame is produced through a collaboration with Fujigen, Inc., a long-established manufacturer of wooden frames for musical instruments, and the automotive industry.

* The “Adaptive Timbre Technology” dynamically adapts characteristics of a number of filter groups and produces a broad range of tonal variations of the instrument in conformity to the playing surface conditions and tonal frequency components that vary along with playing styles of the percussion instrument player.
Product Overview
Product name Electrorganic Percussion aFrame
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Stress-Free Performance with Bare Hands

Because the aFrame is played with bare hands, percussionists don’t have to change their playing style. They can use their natural technique to produce a diverse palette of sounds, from classic acoustic to modern electronic.
Stress-Free Performance with Bare Hands

Performance, Any Way You Want

The unique diamond shape of the aFrame aids in the production of varied tones—it all depends on where you strike it. The aFrame can be held with the hands like a frame drum, placed on a stand, or held with a neck strap; you can play it any way you want.
For a cable free experience, you can use available USB battery packs and guitar-type wireless audio technology.
Performance in Any Way You Want

Tone Creation

Tones are created by making an instrument, using the onboard editing parameters, then pairing it with a high-definition stereo effect. Up to 320 user-defined tones can be saved into the built-in memory.
Tone Creation

User Forum

A place for ATV and users to exchange tone files and discuss all aspects of the aFrame experience. All kinds content can be found here, including video!
User Forum